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Our Educators

The Concord Kindergarten team consists of professional, highly trained and experienced staff members. The preschool believes that high quality Early Childhood Education is provided by high quality staff.

For this reason the Management Committee has historically and continues to employ staff over the staff ratio and training ratio which is required by the Department of Community Services. This commitment sets Concord Kindergarten apart from other preschools.

Concord Kindergartens team consists of Early Childhood Trained Teaching Directors, Class Teachers and Trained Child Care Workers.


The Administrative Assistant and Professional Book-Keeper oversees the financial operation of the preschool with the guidance of the treasurer and the yearly auditing is completed by an Independent Auditor.

The preschool team has a very strong commitment to professional development and participates in training courses and workshops throughout the year.


Emma Perrott

BA Teach. E.C.E. & Nominated Supervisor


Karen Ackerley

B. Ed. E.C.E

Advanced Child Care Worker

Marie Gebrael 

Advanced Diploma in Children’s Services

Advanced Child Care Worker

Amanda O'Donovan

Advanced Diploma in Childrens Services

Music Teacher

Kylie Montague

Dip. T.E.C.E 


Keely Powell 

Dip T. E.C.E.

Advanced Child Care Worker

Vivian Kassabian

Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care

Advanced Child Care Worker

Chrys Rattos

Diploma In Social Science (Child Studies)

Administration Officer

Maureen Siljanovski

Financial Services - Cert V, Business Office Administration-Cert 3, Information Technology - Cert 3


Stefania Benfante

B. Ed. E.C.E &Educational Leader

Advanced Child Care Worker

Linda Sclippa

Associate Diploma of Social Sciences (Child Studies)

Advanced Child Care Worker

Chelsea Peng

Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care


Susan Maeng


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