Our Learning Space

Our physical environment, both indoors and outdoors, comprises of elements that are permanent and others that are changeable. Permanent areas allow children routine. Familiar experiences can encourage follow through on previous work done in these areas. Changeable areas give children the chance to explore investigate and develop as well as challenge themselves with a number of new experiences and resources. Both areas are designed so children explore at their own pace and construct their own learning.

Our physical environment is set up in a way that allows for individual and small group interactions as well as having activities that lead to large group work.




Our routine involves only having 20 children (1 group) at any time in either the indoor or outdoor environment. This allows children to have ample space and resources at any time and also reduces the noise level in these areas.

The indoor environment is a mix of both vinyl and carpeted areas. This allows a mix of ‘messy’ play on the hard floor and quiet activities such as puzzles and books on the soft floors. There are also a range of large display boards through the rooms that provide an area where children's artwork and projects are displayed. This allows families the opportunity to peruse the happenings in the Kindergarten.

The classrooms also have reverse cycle air conditioning, which allows them to be climate controlled and comfortable for children and staff throughout the year.

The outdoor area has had major renovations with stage 1 & 2 being completed in December 2013.  Stage 3 our (last stage) was completed in April 2016. The kindergarten engaged a landscape designer who works closely in the childcare industry.  Our vision was to move away from areas where there was fixed structures and have open areas where staff and children could decide what was put out and how an area was to be utilised.