Term 3 - 2018



Term 3 Commences:  Monday 23rd July


Fees Due:   Week Ending 27th July for Full Payment or 1st Partial Payment


Music Program:                Monday 23rd July - Mon/Tues/Wed group

                                              Friday 27th July - Thursday/Friday group


Ready Steady Go Program:  Tuesday 24th July  Mon/Tues/Wed group

                                                     Friday 27th July for Thursday/Friday group


Incursion:   Rangers on The Run  -  Classroom Critters - 

Tree Tops will be Arrriving at Kindergarten on Monday 6th August

Have wild animals living in your classroom. Children will be fascinated by their every move.  Hunting, feeding, cleaning, moulting, and egg laying can all be observed. Teachers will be taught to handle each animal so they can be used in lessons. Children can also handle animals under teacher supervision.

Learn about animals who call the canopy their home. You will meet Stick Insects, Spiney Leaf Insects and Katydids in an enclosure.

Rangers On the Run Leaving on  Friday 17thAugust


Fathers Day Morning Tea:   Wednesday 29th August Mon/Tues/Wednesday group

                                                     Thursday 30th August Thursday/Friday group


 Final Fee Payment:          Due Week Ending 7th September group for all groups


Parent Information Night:   Tuesday 11th September


Pupil Free Day:      Wednesday 12th September - Orientation for New Children

                                    starting in 2019


Term 3 Finishes:     Friday 28th September  - End of Term 3